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365 days to maximum impact!

That's me helping to teach high school and middle school teachers to launch entrepreneurship programs.
That’s me co-instructing at the Hawken Educators Workshop to teach high school and middle school teachers to launch entrepreneurship programs.

Are you trying to launch your startup? Looking for ways to grow your small business? Searching for new products and verticals?

These are some of the hardest parts of business.

When I first attempted to launch a business, I had no idea where to start. Then, a mentor of mine introduced me to the process of customer development through a book called The Four Steps To The Epiphany by Steve Blank. I’ve been learning, teaching, and practicing customer development ever since. During this time, I’ve met with literally hundreds of entrepreneurs who’ve been stuck trying to figure out how to start. I noticed that they kept asking me similar questions and faced similar challenges. Thus, the inspiration for this blog.

It’s my mission to have the greatest impact I can over the next year by helping as many entrepreneurs as possible to start their businesses.

As I’ve met with other entrepreneurs and discovered new resources about customer development and lean startup principles, I’ve learned that I can help in two ways:

  1. I can expose you to a new way of thinking that will open you up to new possibilities.
  2. I can give you actionable techniques and ideas that you can apply to launching your startup.

There’s a lot of information about customer development and market validation (the process of mapping out your business model and gathering evidence to prove its viability) but I find that a lot of people struggle to execute this process well.

Here are some consistent themes that I’m seeing, especially with first time entrepreneurs (both startups and small business owners):

How to come up with an idea?

Now I have an idea or problem to solve… How/Where do I start?

What problem are you solving?

Who is my customer?

What if I don’t know how to code?

Where to find customers? or How do I find early adopters?

How to talk to customers? or How to sell to an early adopter?

Here are a few topics and skills that I can help you with.

  • Prototyping (Web and Mobile but I have ideas for hardware/physical products)
  • Learning to code (I taught myself)
  • Customer interviews
  • Market Validation (testing your idea and gathering evidence)
  • Growth Hacking (marketing)
  • Content Strategy
  • Building Entrepreneurial Studies Programs
  • Early Sales/Customer Acquisition

I’m compiling resources (for free) that I’ve created and that I’ve found over the years to help entrepreneurs take action. These resources won’t be theory on the process of customer development but rather actionable techniques you can use to answer some of these questions.

I’ll also be bringing in other experienced entrepreneurs as guest bloggers. If you’re an experienced entrepreneur, I’d love to hear from you.

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail (use the contact form on my bio) if you have any questions or topics you’d like me to write about.