Alex Kehaya: Educator, Entrepreneur, Developer 

I help Entrepreneurs, Schools, and Fortune 500's Drive Growth and Innovation. 

My name is Alex Kehaya.

I am a technical entrepreneur capable of developing high level product strategy and and communicating technical requirements to engineering teams and key stakeholders. I've spent the past several years working as a consultant and entrepreneur with Fortune 500's and startups to accelerate the development of new software products and go-to-market strategies.  

I'm interested in opportunities to bring best of breed technology to large multi-billion dollar markets.  

My work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, FastCompany, Product Hunt,, and several large Medium publications.  

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My areas of focus are:  

Market Validation: Leading Fortune 500 companies and startup teams through a data driven customer discovery process to accelerate development of new business models. Working with stakeholders and engineering teams to take products from concept to prototype  

Marketing and Sales: 8 years of sales experience, and proficiency in Business Development, Facebook Advertising, Content Marketing, Viral Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and PR  

Full Stack Developer: Proficient in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Experience working with AngularJS, Ionic, and Agile Development. Currently learning Python and ReactJS

I've Been Featured On

I've Worked With

I've built 

Action Wins 

Named after my personal ethos, Action Wins is a referral marketing platform that makes it super easy to build and launch refer-a-friend campaigns for any buisness. We focus on building community and driving revenue growth for our customers in the SaaS, Ecommerce, and Health and Wellness industries. 

Redi Match

Redi Match enables real estate investors building portfolios of single family residences to analyze a single property or hundreads at a time in just a few seconds. Just drag a CSV file with a list of addresses you'd like to analyze and drop it into Redi Match. Wait a few seconds... and you'll get an interactive report that shows you the value forcast, ROI, risk of decline, and much much more. Wether you're managing an existing portfolio or aqcuireing new properties, all this data leads to making better investment decisions. 

Go Zero To 1

Go Zero To 1 is an online course that I built to teach others how to go from idea to their first paying customers as fast as possible. It's a topic I'm super pationate about and something I find myself explaining to entrepreneurs all the time. I don't reinvent the wheel in this course, but rather leverage years of experience learning from some of the best in market validation and growth marketing 

SaaS Growth Hacks

SaaS Growth Hacks

SaaS Growth Hacks is the largest Facebook group of Founders and Growth Marketers who are building SaaS Businesses. Started by Aaron Krall, I've been an active member of the community since 2016. I built a cusome rails application to power community directory and store all the great content being created.  

Action Pages

Action Pages

Action Pages is a viral pre-launch and referral contest software based off of Harry's Shave Club's open source pre-launchr software. Tim Ferris first wrote about Harry's Shave Club's innovative referral marketing campaign tha enabled them to get over 100,000 email subscribers in just one week prior to their official launch.

Action Pages enables you to spin up a referral contest in minutes with just a few clicks. 

Product Hunt Voter

Product Hunt Voter is a fun application I built using Angular, Ionic, and Product Hunt's API. I built it for bun to learn Ionic / Angular so I could build cross platform web and mobile applications. Turns out, it's pretty useful if you want to find all the twitter handles of people who've upvoted a particular Product Hunt post. Becareful not to span the community but you could use it for content distribution to a like minded audience. 

I'm a self taught software engineer. I have many more apps on Github that you can check out if you're interested. You can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, and my blog.